Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bledisloe Cup

Tonight the New Zealand All Blacks and the Wallabies from Australia competed  in Hong Kong Stadium in this year’s Bledisloe Cup. It is only the second time this rugby trophy has been up for grabs in Hong Kong. A kind friend gave Craig two free tickets, and to say he was excited was an understatement. 

Craig attended the match with a teacher from ICS, Lester. No prizes for guessing who is going for which team!

According to Craig, Australia started the game well and were leading 12-0, and then the walls came tumbling down. Halfway through the second half with New Zealand well in front, Lester had to leave to catch a flight. Australia somehow fought back, and it was getting tense. The final siren sounded, and the Wallabies were still down by five points. They managed to score a try to level the scores with a kick to come. This is what happened next.

And this is the final score.

Thank you Terri and Nick for allowing Craig to have this proud Aussie moment in Hong Kong. 

And commiserations to all you Kiwi fans. (Yes, this includes you, Karl!)

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  1. Hey hey just read this post looks like a cracker of a game so glad you got to see it Craig.