Friday, June 24, 2011

Australia bound

Here we are with our five suitcases ready to head to the airport for our red-eye flight to Perth. The children are in their pyjamas to help with the notion that they are meant to sleep on the flight. It's hard to imagine that in a few hours we will be thankful for our warm clothes because at this point they are sweltering!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Health check

This morning we woke up to a Signal 3 Typhoon Signal.

It brought more wind than rain today as we made our way to Tai Wai for Jemilla and Keegan's medical check-ups. The appointment was scheduled through the school and is free for all primary students in Hong Kong.

Eye exam

Height and weight check

Hearing test

Tirzah brought her own doctor bag to treat her sister in the clinic's waiting room.

Physical examination

Jemilla's turn to be checked

I am pleased that both Jemilla and Keegan passed their health checks with flying colours. However, I am amused by some advice given to us on pamphlets by the doctors. For example, in order to become "Little Health Masters"  they should...
  • Avoid the following foods at breakfast time: fish balls, deep fried chicken legs, shiu mai, and any cooked food sold by unlicensed roadside peddlers.
  • Learn tricks to refuse cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
  • Chew slowly.
  • Not read books in bed or in a moving vehicle.
  • Use cotton wool balls in the ears while shampooing to prevent water from entering the ears.
  • Not cover their eyes with their hair.
  • Remind people not to litter or spit.
  • Stay relaxed and cheerful.
Is this the sort of advice you give your patients in Australia, Dr Croaker?

Tirzah's photos from June

Fooling around with each other's Octopus cards...

At the Hong Kong Heritage Museum...


One afternoon Tirzah fell against an open drawer and punctured her head.

I couldn't believe that so much blood could come from such a tiny wound!

 Tirzah loves to pull Craig's laptop bag for him.

She's such a character!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jemilla's photos from May and June

Jemilla's teacher, Ms Kitaoka

The bottom left artwork is Jemilla's.

Choir concert in May

Photos with Grade Three classmates

A readers' theatre performance on Jemilla's "graduation" day

Jemilla's teacher presented her with the Expected School-wide Learning Result award for "helpfulness".

At the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Jemilla loves to swim!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Keegan's photos from June

Keegan's "Blue Coyote" mask was on display with other artwork at ICS during the last term of school.

Grade 1A had a pool party to celebrate the end of year. Can you find Keegan in this photo?

Here's Keegan's first grade teacher presenting him with an Expected School-wide Learning Result award for being "easy-going". Mr Tan said Keegan is "chill and cool", taking everything in his stride, nothing fazes him or stresses him out, and "his phlegmatic attitude is pleasant".

Keegan's Grade Two students!

Here is Keegan taking his temperature on the mini bus for the last time on the last day of school.

At the Heritage Museum's children's area

Keegan is exploring the texture of clay.

Keegan made this funny face with his fast food.

Fun with our friends the R-Cs in their pool on their roof.