Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why you should avoid flying on Malaysia Airlines for a decent period of time

Again we owe a huge thank you to the Peets for lending us the use of their VW van and especially to Brian (Grandpa) for driving us and our five suitcases from Dubbo to Sydney.

Before boarding the plane, I managed to squeeze in two last minute treats. The memory will have to last me a long time!

Once again we flew Malaysia Airlines, and the children were absolutely fantastic on the flight to Kuala Lumpur. We intended staying at the airport Transit Hotel for the night, but were disappointed to find it fully booked up when we arrived. Likewise, the other two hotels near the KL airport had no vacancies, so we decided just to "rough it out" for the the night in the airport. How bad could it be? we asked ourselves.

Here's Jemilla trying out a few positions, searching for the most comfy way to sleep in a chair.

We ended up finding some flat benches on which we could stretch out. At least we were horizontal, if not entirely comfortable.

Poor Tirzah started vomiting during that long night in the airport, and her upset tummy continued through the flight to Hong Kong the next day. She went through at least three sick bags on the plane, and as if that wasn't unpleasant enough, added diarrhoea to the mix. I think even the pilot turned around and asked a flight attendant to find out what on earth was that "seriously foul stench coming from row 16". We funkified the entire aircraft, and left a permanent stain on one of the seats. (So sorry, cleaners!)

So here we are in Hong Kong airport with our luggage, ready to board the bus back to Tai Po. Jemilla and Keegan are looking cheerful about wearing their summer clothes again and getting stuck into their doll house and Toy Story Lego respectively. I look slightly sleep deprived, and the invisible speech balloon above my head reads, "I want to be back in Australia." Tirzah is in a daze and obviously getting ready to vomit again. And Craig? He's happy we're nearly "home".

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to Sydney

Last week we decided to change Craig's and the kids' plane tickets so that we could all return to Hong Kong together. It was not an easy decision, nor light on the wallet, but we are happy to be remaining together as a family. On Saturday we said good-bye to Dubbo and our lovely holiday house.

We stopped by Wellington one more time to (sniff, sniff) farewell the Peet family.

We dropped by Koorong in Penrith for some last minute shopping, before enjoying dinner at Nandos (my choice).

What an enormous bowl of chips, Jemilla!

Here are the children enjoying breakfast in bed at the Rydges Hotel in Parramatta before our flight back to Hong Kong.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blast from the past

Tonight we spent an hour catching up with the Wells family who live near Craig's parents and whose daughter happened to be our flower girl at our wedding in 1997.

Here's a photo from the auspicious day. 

And here's Belinda with her parents Myra and Glenn today. There's something about chatting with one's former flower girl about careers and boyfriends to make one feel old!

While at the Wells, Craig was looking at their photos on the wall and happened to recognise someone from our university days who happened to be in the bridal party of the Wells' son's wedding. We never knew that the two families knew each other.

Belinda kindly let Jemilla try on her flower girl dress.

Jemilla is in Year Three, the same age as Belinda was when we got married.

Craig's sister Judith was one of my bridesmaids. Although she refused to model it (Awwww!), she did manage to dig up the dress she wore for our wedding.

How time flies!


We treasured the time we could spend with our extended family in Dubbo. Here is a photo of Great Grandpa Stanley with the Harvey and Prior kids.

Jonathan turned three while we were in Australia. The road mat behind him was a big hit for a birthday present... was this train.

All together around the dinner table.

A huge smile from Baby Benjamin.

Uncle Doug showed us his piano shop.

Fun at the playground

Tirzah and Benjamin

Craig with his youngest nephew

My turn for a cuddle

Here's Jonathan

I wonder when these cousins will all be together like this again?