Saturday, April 28, 2012

ICS Art Show

I took Jemilla and Keegan to the ICS Advance Placement Art Show yesterday afternoon to let them see for themselves the wonderful talents God has given these high schoolers. Here are some of our favourite photographs, paintings, drawings, and graphic designs that were on display.

 They said, "Her bracelets!" by Alicia Cheung

Vanity Fair by Eunice Chu

Boredom of Sunbathing by Cher Chow

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys by Anna Li

Koi Dance by James Li

Pug by Gloria Yoon

Solitude by Janice Leung

Shanghai Cityscape by Jenelle Law

Welcome Home by Janice Leung

Float by Janice Leung

Geometric Peacock by Jenelle Law

Are you Aussie Enough for This? by Jenelle Law

Linsanity by Shannon Cheung

City of Domes by Anna Li

Ruins of St Paul by Stephen Lawrensen

Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Character Day 2012

This year Jemilla decided that instead of dressing as a book character she would be a book itself.

Keegan chose to make silly faces all day as Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

And here's our Bridges team... the Lion (me), the Witch (Rachel), and the Wardrobe (Amy). If you had been at our school Aquatic Centre around 11:00 this  morning you would have seen Amy, still in her cardboard box attire, launching herself into the swimming pool. 
I believe she may have suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have you ever seen...?

...a giant toilet paper roll?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Introducing two families...and their blogs

This is the Wise family.
Do you remember when Aaron visited us in January? He's back with his family...wife June and children Nathaniel, Isabella and Harrison. Praise God that they found a suitable apartment in Tai Po and are adjusting well to the culture and lifestyle of Hong Kong. Our children are so happy to have some Australian friends to play with, and June and I have already visited a few op shops together. The Wises have started a blog; you can follow it here.

This is the Grady family.
Phil and Ailsa and their daughters Kate and Ella live in Perth, Western Australia. We met them for the first time today. Ailsa discovered my blog months ago, and when they ended up here in Hong Kong for a short holiday they organised to meet us in Tai Po. We had a fun time showing them around the neighbourhood. I wish they were staying here for longer, but I think we will probably see them again in Perth in the future sometime. You can read more about this lovely family on Ailsa's blog here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A night in Neverland

Tonight we attended a play as a family, "Peter Pan" performed by the ICS High School Drama class. As always, the students impressed us with their acting, costumes, backdrops, etc. This time there was even flying involved! I think Craig had hoped for more singing and dancing, but the rest of us enjoyed every minute...especially Tirzah. She cowered from Captain Hook, sighed dreamily over pretty Wendy, clapped frantically for Tinkerbell to get well, and asked at every interval whether there was more to come. Having watched a chaotic dress reheasal with my students on Wednesday, I was enormously impressed with today's professional performance.

The Darling children get ready for bed 

Peter Pan chats with Wendy after she sews on his shadow

Michael, John and Wendy learn to fly with Peter Pan

Flying through the clouds

The Lost Boys

Making a little house for Wendy

Tiger Lily and the Indian braves

The pirates put Tiger Lily on the rock

Captain Hook with the pirates

The braves guard the Lost Boys' home under the ground

Preparing to leave Neverland

The pirates capture the boys and Wendy

Captain Hook falls into the sea and is eaten by the crocodile

Back at the Darling house

Final bow by the cast

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tickled pink (and green)

Tonight we celebrated the birthday of the Incomparable Amy Turner, who is my dear friend and colleague.

Eleven teachers from ICS met at Amaronis Restaurant at Festival Walk where we all donned feather boas in shades of pink and green. This worked better in idea than execution, as the boas were incredibly itchy, stained our skin and clothes, and molted tiny feathers all over the linen table and carpeted floor. They were quite a source of hilarity and drew many stares from other patrons, so I feel my mission was accomplished.

Rachel and Janet

Birthday girl Amy and Mary

Becky and Amber

Lauren and Cath

Stacia and Mel

The Bridges Team: Renee, Amy and Rachel

Happy birthday, Amy, from all of us!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jemilla's recent photos

With my fourth grade friends

Do you know what's wrong with this picture?

Singing "Making Music for the Master" at church

ICS Elementary Sports Day...Go Blue Team!

Watching our pizza get tossed

Getting my hair cut

Chinese New Year

I love Hong Kong!