Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photos from Tirzah

This is my kindergarten photo.

This is my class. My friends are Daisy and Nichole. I like Mrs Davis (top right) because she sings and she has a happy face.

I did Mummy's hair so beautifully!

We went on a picnic with Joe and Kayla during Mid-Autumn Festival. That's a HUGE mooncake.

These are some photos from my playgroup.

I couldn't stop laughing in this video! I was telling Mummy and Daddy that I was wearing my "Swish" shoes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking Craig to Shenzhen

Craig's boss kindly gave Craig a day off work, so we organised for just the two of us to cross the border into Shenzhen. This was the first time Craig had been to China despite living only twenty minutes away for the last two years. We changed some Hong Kong money and bought our visas at the border.

Craig's first purchases of the day.

The taxis look very different to our Hong Kong ones, and it must be said that all the drivers in China are CRAZY!

After some shopping we stopped for lunch in this restaurant where there was no English on the menu. I'm still not sure what kind of meat it was ("cluck cluck" or "woof woof"), but it was very tasty.

Craig likes the intersections in China with traffic lights that inform you how many seconds you have left to cross the road. We parted ways here...Craig to Commercial City and me to the toy market.

Craig suffered through an hour-long massage.

We met up here around 4 pm after I purchased all the Christmas presents I could carry.

Then it was time to return home.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Walkathon / Fall Festival 2011

Loyal readers will remember this time last year we attended a fund-raiser at ICS called Walkathon. Well, the shirts are different for 2011, but everything else is pretty much the same!

Jemilla's friend Ava stayed at our place for a sleepover the night before Walkathon. Here are the kids on the train to Shatin. The shirts read AMAZINGRACE.

Everyone met for worship here at 10:00.

Tirzah was delighted to find her friend from kindergarten, Nichole.

Jemilla and Ava, ready for the walk

You can see the route they walked on this map.

Another kindergarten friend, Marie

As I had to work near one of the checkpoints, I couldn't do the Walkathon.

Following the Walkathon, everyone arrived at school for the activities that made up Fall Festival.

My next posting was at the jumping castle.

Tirzah took a turn.

Craig helped at the fourth grade booth.

Tirzah got a tattoo on her hand.

LOVE the theme!

We liked this stall with toys for sale.

Tirzah and Nichole again

We watched the high-schoolers dance in a flash mob. You can see some of the dance on a video here.

Next, Tirzah found Daisy in the crowd.

Here's Craig working at the kindergarten activity.

This was a "Guess how many lollies" competition. Tirzah reckoned the jar held "maybe more than seven".

Keegan made a guess on the lolly jars too.

View from the fourth floor.

Mmmmmmmmm...cupcakes for dessert.

We gave Jemilla some tickets and let her do her own thing during the Fall Festival. She had her face painted, bought a chocolate brownie, and did a few activities. Jemilla liked the sign next to this rock. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it enough to read it.)

Tirzah played with Lydia in the air-conditioned family room while Craig relaxed in our staff massage chair.

Keegan tried some basketball...

...and some other sport activities

Look at this amazing Noah's Ark balloon creation!

I browsed the books at the White Elephant stall....

...and perhaps managed to purchase a few.

This was easily the most popular activity of the day, a variation on a dunk tank.

Here you see the Principal, Mr Tim Wong..

...and now you don't!