Friday, May 31, 2013

Harvey holiday plans

A few people have asked us about our summer (meaning July) plans. They are as follows:

We depart Hong Kong on July 2. (Eek! Only one more month to get everything done!)

July 2-13 we will be in Michigan.

July 13-18 we will be in Greensboro, North Carolina.

July 18–22 we will be in Colorado Springs where Craig will attend an ACSI Conference.

July 25-29 is my 20-year class reunion in Silverthorne, west of Denver.

July 29-31 we will stay at Legoland Hotel in California

We fly out of Los Angeles and arrive at Sydney Airport on August 2.

Above is Craig's photo from the Resolve website, for whom he will be working from August onwards based on the Central Coast of New South Wales. 

It was great for Craig to spend a few days this month with Paul Campey, a Resolve partner, seen here on the right.

Paul kindly answered numerous questions from our children about life on the Central Coast. They are pleased that they now know at least one person in the new place to which we are moving!

We have enrolled the children at Green Point Christian College. As yet, I do not have any work lined up. Please pray that we will find a house to rent or buy nearby the school.

If you have any advice or tips on what to do on our US holiday, I would love to read them!

In the meantime, we have three long lists of jobs still to do here in Hong Kong in order to finish off our respective jobs, pack up and ship our belongings to Australia, plan our trip to the States, close off our accounts, and everything else that goes with moving from place-to-place.

Stay tuned for one more month of our Hong Kong adventures!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photos from Fourth and fifth Grade Camp (by Jemilla)

May 20-22 was our school camp. I had been looking forward to it all year! All the fourth and fifth graders from ICS stayed at Lady MacLehose Holiday Village in Sai Kung for two and a half days.

The theme this year was "Are you ready?" from 1 Peter 3:15. This was my camp booklet that I wrote all my notes in.

Here are all the campers and volunteers wearing their camp t-shirts.

This is Miss Waymire. She was basically the backbone of camp.

I liked everything about camp except for the food. This was the only! which we ate for dessert one night.

These are my cabin mates (from left to right) Florence, me, and Esther.

Worship time

Another photo of Miss Waymire wearing the camp shirt

Playing pool

Table Tennis

One of the four workshops

Another workshop


I love taking photos in the swimming pool!

The cafeteria

A tank??? At school CAMP???

Arts and crafts time


Our typical Chinese meal

Swing dancing lesson

This was the "Are You Ready" Challenge. For this we had to take paper 'Bibles' to two teachers who were hiding in the camp. We had to find them, give them the Bible, and go back to the 'home church' to get another one without getting caught by a counsellor or teacher and sent to prison. It was fun!

My tired feet!

This was a very funny skit performed by Miss Waymire and Mr Baumann.

As I said, I liked everything about camp except for the food. It rained and rained, but we still had fun. My favourite thing about camp was the games we played. That sums up my visit to school camp!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The FA Cup Final (by Keegan)

Under way then...Grand Final of the FA Cup...Chelsea vs. Manchester City...Tap from Torres to Hazard...Hazard dribbles past the attacking half then passes out to the wing to Lampard...Who then passes to Mata, while Torres, making sure he’s onside, moves through defenders and calls/signals for a pass...Mata using skill to move through the midfield sees him and does so...It was too short so it didn’t make it but luckily Ivanovic gets there but it’s 3 on 1, he safely passes to unmarked Lampard...Lampard closes in but an unselfish pass to Torres...who beats Joe Hart and scores! 

One nil to Chelsea!!! 

Carlos Tevez gets a quick break through but great challenge by Mata who intercepts it...A lobbed ball by Mata goes to captain John Terry who skilfully moves around an attaking striker...Passes to Torres in the penalty box, Torres chips it over Harts head...He falls down when the ball hits the crossbar...Header from Torres into the back of the net.

Two nil Chelsea with Torres on a hat trick! 

Balotelli kicks off to Tevez who attepts a pass to Dzeko but bravely cut out by Lampard who passes the ball to Torres who forms a 1-2 pass to Lampard and back to him and wants to pass to come- out- of- nowhere Carhalvo… it’s a 1 out of 100% chance you would see an accidental goal but that’s exactly what Torres did! He curls the ball top left of the net and gets his hat trick with 30 seconds to go in the first half!

3-0 to Chelsea! Balotelli to Tevez, Tevez to Nigel De-Jong and the half time whistle blows score 3-0.

Manchester City to start the second half. Balotelli to Tevez. Ivanovic attepts a challenge but Tevez avoids it and carries on through midfield, and in the penalty box...Very powerful strike by Tevez… but magnificent save by Petr Cech! Defender Terry clears the ball into the midfield to Torres who passes to onside Lampard. Helen charges at him, but Lampard quickly passes to Torres outside the goal kick box...He fake shoot passes to Lampard. Hart falls for the fake shoot and Lampard strikes back of the net! 

It’s 4-0 to Celsea! 

Balotelli, outside of foot to Tevez, backpasses it to Garcia down to Clitchy back to Tevez in forward half...Ball goes to Dzeko ground shot straight to Cech...Cech with the long kick to Mata...Torres to Lampard...Outside left of the box the ball gets smashed but hits the crossbar...Torres to fetch it and passes to Lampard...No angle...Lampard shoots and this time scores! 

It’s 5-0 with 5 minutes to go. 

Tevez...Crunching tackle by Lampard, on the long run only Hart to beat for a hat trick...Hart charges, dives but misses...Open goal for Lampard...He smashes and scores! 

6-0. Hat tricks for both Torres and Lampard! Chelsea FA 2013 Cup winners! See you next season. Good-bye.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tirzah's invisible friends (dictated to me by Tirzah)

"They are called Marv, Parv, Jarv, Yarv, Kevin, Sparkle, Star, Doorbell, Lovely, and Bing.

I like to play games with them. In the morning I take them to school. They sleep in the playroom at our house. They like chocolate and ice cream. They are noisy at bedtime when I am trying to go to sleep. I have to tell them not to be noisy sometimes. Sometimes I sing them a lullaby.

I have three babies: Spotty Mr Bear, Jessica, and Veronica. They came out of me. First there is a special machine that opens my back right here, and that's how they get the babies out. They like to walk around and put on CDs to sing and watch TV but only on one day. They can’t watch too much TV! They drink milk from a bottle.

I have pets too like Twinkle the Unicorn. He likes to play games and have parties. He rides on top of the MTR if I’m going somewhere. He picks me up from school and I ride on his back on the way home. I sing songs to him in Mandarin or English."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sleepover (by Keegan)

My friend Cayden is leaving for Singapore soon, so last night he held a sleepover for a final gathering with his friends...including me!

 Matthew, me, Cayden, Isaac, Cyrus, Gavin, Lucas.

Silly faces while playing wii

 At 7:30pm we finished playing basketball. Here we are showing off our muscles

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our last visitor? (by Craig)

We were so pleased to have a good friend from Perth, Craig Matchett, come over for a quick visit this month. I (Craig H.) was able to take a few days off work, be a tour guide around town, and say my goodbyes to various places with less than eight weeks left in Hong Kong.

Craig definitely had to experience some MTR train rides. Locals will realise this shot was taken during off peak. (During peak times I kept forgetting to take the camera out of my pocket before getting on the train as I didn't want to get arrested for inappropriate physical contact with other MTR patrons!) 

Shopping at Mong Kok

"Kirsten, Do you think I can make this fit on our lounge room wall?"

Checking out the sea food variety at the Sai Kung Fish Markets

Had to drop in here for Kirsten

Sorry, Nate and Caleb. We couldn't figure out how these bikes could fit within the luggage allowance on the trip home.

The electronic markets around town got some business during Craig's visit.

Eating out in Hong Kong

Now this is what I call a large pizza!

A day at the Peak

We three guys happened to all be wearing our cricket gear today.

Only people who have stood up on the Peak Tram descent will appreciate this one....

Hong Kong Park

Another highlight was a quick three-hour trip across the border to Shenzhen, China.

How did Mr Matchett get the kids to do all the hard work here?

It was also great to have Craig join us at Keegan's weekly cricket coaching session in Sai Kung.

We went to Lantau Island on Craig's last day to ride the cable car and see the Big Buddha.

Good-bye, Mr Matchett (also known as Mr Mattress and Mr Hat-trick by Tirzah).Words can't describe what a blessing it was to have Craig join us and experience first hand life in HK. It was a truly special time, one that Renee and I will always remember and be very grateful for.