Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Character Day 2013

On Sturday we participated in our very last Book Character Day at ICS.

Here is Jemilla as "The Word Spy".

Although Tirzah is still in kindergarten, she dressed up as well and participated in the activities and parade with "the big kids". She was "Franklin the Turtle".

Keegan had his normal Saturday-morning cricket lesson so arrived very late to school. Here he is dressed as "The Wimpy Kid".

My colleagues and I had fun dressing as Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

While Mum and Dad were in Japan... (by Jemilla)

We went to the CNY parade sponsered by Cathay Pacific. The theme was "Happy @ Hong Kong". There were some local perfomers such as dance schools and some international performers such as roller-skaters and African drummers. I liked the double dutch section, Keegan liked the guys that slid on their knees, and Tirzah liked the dancers dressed as superheroes. We thankfully got a good spot, but unfortunatly there were big balloon air creatures in front of us that hit Keegan and me in the face several times. I hope you like my photos and videos!

Our line was huge to get on the bus to go out to the Wishing Tree village. Some of the floats from the parade were on display. Aunty Celine bought us some of the plastic oranges to throw in the tree. I got mine in after two tries; Keegan repeatedly threw his (until we couldn't find it, then he realised someone else had thrown his); and Tirzah tried with the help of Aunty Celine until she attached hers to Keegan's which was about two meters off the ground.  I took a photo of someone's wishes; they're on the red paper below.


This place is managed by one of Aunty Celine's church friends. It is a place where people who have disabilities live. We ate lunch there and performed some Christian songs like "I'm in the Lord's Army" for the residents.

Keegan went on a sleepover with his friend Cayden, and we met the next day at the ice skating rink in Elements mall. Keegan said he fell down repeatedly, but Tirzah and I fell down only once or twice. Aunty Celine never fell down, even though this was her first ever try at ice skating!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have you ever seen...?

...a pioneer travelling by MTR instead of in a covered wagon?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eating in Japan

My last post about Japan concerns the food we consumed while on our holiday. Although we had expected that we would have to be brave and adventurous in trying new Japanese cuisine, we were surprised by how many Western restaurants and menu items were available to us.

One night in Hakuba we ate at the Samurai Wagyu Steak Restaurant where we were served by this waiter.

This was another colourful character at the Happo-One ski resort.

Antique skis on display at the restaurant

Nice to see an Aussie flag flying in the window of this restaurant!

We had to clear this table of snow before sitting down to eat.

This was a mini-supermarket near our hotel...great for late night munchies!

I think I will pass on the spicy chocolate, though.

And who actually eats this stuff?

We discovered that Japan has an enormous range of Kit Kat chocolates. Some flavours are as follows:  green tea,  blueberry and soybean, melon and baked corn, strawberry cheesecake,  sweet potato, wasabi, apple, green beans, chilli and miso. Have a break!

Some restaurants in Japan look very American from the outside, but serve no Western food at all.

And I could NOT get used to the way Japanese restaurants still allow smoking inside!

Craig bought some delicious street food from this vendor by pointing to the menu pictures.

This place delivered exactly what we expected. Yum!

Plastic food samples are prevalent in the windows and display cases of restaurants throughout Japan, even more so than in Hong Kong.

This was the plastic model of my miso ramen soup...

...and here is my actual soup! Pretty close, huh?