Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First day in kindergarten

Tirzah was very excited to be going to her first day of big school, almost as much as her Daddy was to be taking her.

She loved putting on her school uniform and backpack.

We rode the escalator to the MTR platform.

She listened carefully for the Fo Tan stop to be announced.

Tirzah is pointing to the station where her kindergarten is.

ICS kindergarten is on the seventh floor.

Waiting outside the classroom...

Meeting some classmates...

Hanging up her bag...

And after the first day the verdict is in... "We all love school!"


  1. Is Tirzah going to the same school as Keegan and Jemilla?

  2. Yes, Lauren, it is ICS kindergarten which is on a different campus to the rest of the school.

  3. I am very proud of such a smart school girl and want to tell you that her contraption used to transact monetary calculations is in safe storage at No.24.XXX