Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Have you ever seen...? (twenty three) dresses featuring Snoopy?

A local shopping centre currently has an  exhibition displaying wedding gowns designed by Ms Audrey Schilt. Descriptions accompanied each dress.

"Every young lady will surely swoon when they discover the Woodstock plush bouquet and the lovely Snoopy on the shoulder."

"The specially designed slim cut dress celebrates and flatters a woman's curves, while the embroidered hand-crafted Snoopy pattern and gold-encrusted tulle will take your breath away."

"The intricately imprinted Snoopy image on the duchess satin fabric will draw the eye of every guest to this gorgeous dress."


  1. What's next, Hello Kitty dresses too?

  2. I am sure somewhere in Asia ,Hello Kitty dresses have been made and probably have even being used in weddings.

  3. They're so revolting! Yes, every eye will be drawn to them, but not in a good way!

  4. LOL. I had to show this to my daughter who just got engaged. Lauren, they do actually have Little Kitty wedding dresses! Can you imagine!!!?????? See: