Friday, January 11, 2013

I'll take sum o' dim, sum o' dim, and sum o' dim....

Last week a few ICS families met for dim sum at a restaurant on Nathan Road in Mong Kok. I was glad to have one of the Mandarin teachers, Lucia, there to do all the ordering for us and to explain the various ingredients in each little steamed parcel of deliciousness.

Eating chicken feet with Carole and Amber

The shrimp dumplings were my favourite. Here I am with my happy dim sum chums.


  1. Did you really eat the chicken feet?

    1. I certainly did! No way am I having stinky tofu though!

  2. Looks just like the place I've been to in Northbridge!

  3. Nathan said stinky tofu, only tasted a little like it smelled, you can do it!

    Could you please ship me some of those tasty xiao long bao,at least that is what I think it is- 11th picture? I have cravings and I am unaware of where I can get these in my city. I am hungry after reading this.