Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eight years old


Happy eighth birthday today to our darling Jemilla!

Jemilla requested pancakes and juice for breakfast before church.

Jemilla's mean mother led her to believe that the Belville Lego set she requested for her birthday would be too big to bring back from Australia. What a happy surprise she got to discover it amongst her presents this afternoon! (In order to transport it I had to slit open the cardboard box, flatten it and hide it at the bottom of one suitcase, and pour our the Lego into smaller bags.)
Other presents included an Enid Blyton book, a Barbie supermarket set, a bamboo flute, a new CD, Kinder Surprise eggs, and new jewellery.

Jemilla and Keegan spent most of the afternoon playing with the new Lego set.

I hastily made an ice cream cake (of sorts) with chocolate Ice Magic for our little family birthday party.

Then we went out to tea at Shakey's Pizza (Jemilla's choice) for tea.

Happy birthday to our dear girl! We hope you have a fun year being eight!


  1. It looks like a good birthday, Jem! Yay for being eight!

  2. Happy (belated) birthday, Jemilla! Enid Blyton is the best. And Shakey's . . .