Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New school

Last week Jemilla and Keegan started at International Christian School in Grade Three and Grade One respectively. We leave our apartment in Tai Po together at 7:00 and catch a mini light bus and a train in order to arrive at Shek Mun by 7:45.

From Jemilla: My teacher is Ms Kitaoka. She is from Japan, and when she was a girl she went to ICS too. She is very nice. I like it when she gives us free play time called "daydreaming time". I'm going to audition for the school choir tomorrow. My new school is big, and I love it. I have three friends in my class called Hazel Crystal and Kristie. We play with the skipping rope during recess. I do my homework on the internet. I don't have to put sunscreen on because we play in the gym or undercover area, not outside in the sun. We have ID cards that we have to scan everyday. Sometimes Mum lets us travel home by ourselves.

From Keegan: My new school is big. My teacher is called Mr Tan, and he is as tall as the ceiling. Sometimes he is strict. One day the PE teacher gave me a cricket bat and ball to play with. How did he even know I like cricket? I like being at the same school as my Mum. We are actually on the same floor, and sometimes I look out my classroom door and I can see her. My new friend is called Lucas. The only fun thing we do in class is go to the library and get a book to read. I wish I could order a hot lunch from the ICS cafeteria, but Mum makes me bring sandwiches every day. One day I had an egg tart in my lunch box. I like wearing the same school uniform as Jemilla.


  1. What lovely comments from your kids about school. Sounds like they are happy, and you're with them, how great!! How's your new job going? Praying for you. Love. Evelyne

  2. I love hearing about the schools from the kids! Sorry about the lunch, Keegan!

  3. Yay! Great to see another post!
    So good to hear a little about the new school.

    Jemilla, I'm glad you have three new friends to play with. Does your new class have more boys in your class than girls?

    Keegan, I hope you get to play lots of cricket at your new school, and hopefully Mum will let you have a cafeteria lunch every now and then!

    And Renee, when do we get to hear how YOUR job is going? I'm dying to find out!

    Sending lots of love ...

  4. Hello!!! The kids look great! Our love to all of you! I'll write a proper e-mail soon. Will and Lucy have meet-the-teacher day tomorrow, then school starts on Monday for them. And Jamie starts preschool the following week--he's launched happily into daycare (though is protesting the naps). And I'm back at work. Speaking of, I brought some home to do tonight, so I'd better get back to it. Lots of love to you all, and to the R-Cs and the Browns if you see them at church. I've been thinking of all of you and need to write!

  5. Hi, Jemilla, This is Lucy. Tirzah was really funny when she was singing the baa song on the video clip! How many different kinds of uniforms do you have? You should have seen me when I had my haired dyed. [Lucy had her hair sprayed black at the community festival in town today--we had to wash it out as it got a bit messy!] I miss riding the #26 with you. Will and I walk to school now. love, Lucy