Saturday, August 28, 2010


Here are David and Donna Eyres with their nine year old daughter, Joelle. Donna is a good friend of mine from Perth, and our daughters are also best buddies and pen pals.

We were so thrilled when they planned a trip to Hong Kong this month. Donna and Joelle flew over and had one week here before David joined them after attending a conference in the States. They brought many special treats from Australia, including cheese, of course! I was disappointed that I had to work instead of being free to show them around, but Donna surprised us all by bravely venturing out into the unknown, quickly figuring out our public transport system, and exploring most of the popular tourist attractions offered in Hong Kong. Joelle also adapted quickly to the heat and humidity, learned to stand on the right while on an escalator, scan her Octopus card, tolerate the locals wanting to touch her hair or take a photo with her, and generally go with the flow regarding the day's agenda. We were very impressed!

Here the children discuss what the Chinese symbols mean.

Donna, Jemilla, Joelle and Keegan pose outside our estate.

Joelle was totally unconcerned where her mother was as she walked with Jemilla up the main street of Tai Po.

We introduced Joelle to the neighbourhood cat in the chemist shop.

Then we visited the Tai Po meat market.

Joelle took this great photo outside a local butcher's stall.

Lunch after church

A display in a shopping centre

An excursion to the History Museum with Tirzah

Fairwood Restaurant

Mong Kok Goldfish Market

Baking star fairy wand cookies together

MX restaurant (I love the heart prints on the wall)

Shopping at Mong Kok

David and Donna at the Peak

Craig's work colleagues took the Eyres to a local Chinese restaurant with no English on the menu.

How was the goose?

At the Forest Hill pool

Playing Candyland

Playing Pictionary

What a special thing it was for Jemilla to have a friend visit her in Hong Kong. And I will treasure the short time I could spend with Donna. Thank you for blessing us and encouraging us with your visit, Eyres!

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  1. What a great time was had by all...I am already thinking of what to do on our next visit to HK!!!