Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update from Jemilla

I have been practising my skipping, so that I can be as good as the Peet girls.

Here I am with my friend Jane on a sleepover, playing with my doll house before bed time.

I sang a solo at church one Sunday. I am the girl in the blue shirt on the left.

This is something I made in class about safety. In Grade Three I have also been learning cursive writing and the multiplication tables.

One day I went for a sleepover at my friend's house. Here we are in their club house before tea.

I am being silly with my friend Michael.

These are my Reading Olympic medals. I received a bronze one because my class came third in upper elementary and a gold one for finishing all the reading events.

In Hong Kong people wear face masks when they are sick or have a cold, and I had a cold on this day.

This is my class performance in chapel. We did a play with a time machine about the temptations of Christ. 

I participated in a competition with other school children in Hong Kong  to design my own piggy bank based on a theme called "My Future Dream." I got a plain white piggy bank to design however I liked. 

This is what it looked like before...

And this is what it looked like after!

I made it a Christian pig because my future dream is for everyone in the world to become a Christian. Mum photocopied some pages from the Bible onto pink paper, and I pasted them all over the pig. I also stuck down "Jesus saves" and painted the handbag which I pretend has a Bible inside.

I wanted it to look like me, so I glued on some fake hair and some earrings and eyelashes.

I really liked decorating the pig because I like being creative.


  1. Well done Jemilla. Well done all round!
    Love Daddy

  2. What a fantastic update Jemilla! It's lovely to see so many photos of you. Your 'Jesus Saves' piggy bank is excellent - I wonder what other creative projects you have in store?
    Love Amanda

  3. Great singing Jemilla. We love your pig! you decorated it really well. we are sure that you will get very good at skipping if you keep on practicing. We miss you all.
    lots of love
    The Peet girls!

  4. Thanks for including me Jemilla, i really like the pig you made.