Friday, November 19, 2010

Update from Keegan

Sometimes we have adventures travelling home from school, like the time my shoelace got stuck in the escalator. This is a photo of me on the carousel near the train station.

I like playing pretend games with my friend Elliot. One time he even had a sleepover at my house.

Every Sunday afternoon I have cricket lessons in Tai Po. I hit three fours in this game.

Look at my medals! I won them for something at school called the Reading Olympics. My class came second in the lower elementary, so I got a silver medal, and I completed all the events so I got a gold one. (Keegan had to read a total of 30 books on specific topics like wild animals, the ocean, sports, space, a biography, etc.)

One of the teachers at school gave Jemilla and me their family's old bikes this week, so now we have bicycles to ride again. My bike is orange and Jemilla's is pink. I just wish Manou was here to ride with me!


  1. What good news,Keegan,bikes at last!Where shall we go first?

  2. Great to see some of the things you have been up to Keegan - those bikes look wonderful! And congratulations on all that reading - very impressive!

  3. I like playing games with you too, Keegan ( from Elliot)