Monday, March 21, 2011

Lego Heaven

Our friends have been raving about this Lego shop in Kennedy Town, so today I took advantage of my Spring Break week to travel there and check it out. AA Place Lego Shop was a bit hard to find in Nan Hai Shopping Arcade, but its content certainly lived up to my expectations...wall-to-wall Lego!

I love the unusual Lego kitchen items, clocks, clothing, and books for sale here.

I was pleasantly surprised when the owners smilingly agreed to my request to take photos. They were helpful and very knowledgeable about their stock.

There is a room out the back where children can pay $20 HK (about $2.50 AUD) an hour to play with the shop Lego.

Individual minifigs for sale

More minifigs

And more!

These plastic cases hold tiny pieces like hats, weapons, etc. you can buy individually to replace lost pieces.

View from outside the shop

I may have been tempted to buy a Lego Belville set if the shop had stocked a wider range. Instead, I emerged relatively unscathed. I chose just a few tiny treasures for the kids, totalling $4.00 AUD.

I recommend AA Place to anyone searching for that elusive Star Wars minifig or new stock not available in regular stores. Carla or Narelle, let me know if the boys are hunting for anything and I can post it to you.


  1. congratulations on getting out of the store only paying $4.00!
    someday the MTR will stop at Kennedy Town- if we are still in HK at that time, I for see more money going to build the Lego empire ( no pun intended, although I don't mind puns)

  2. going there this easter break, thanks for the great photos!