Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rugby Sevens 2011

This week a work colleague gave Craig a free ticket for yesterday's opening matches for the Rugby Sevens.  I tried the argument, "But you went last year!" For some reason unbeknownst to me Craig wanted to go again.

Over 120,000 spectators are expected across the three-day tournament. Craig sat in the western stand with Gavin Brown and his wife Judith. The Browns were unfortunately cheering for the wrong team, but as they are our friends from Bible study we can forgive them their poor judgement.

Remember that it is an abbreviated game of rugby that follows the same rules except a Sevens team consists of only seven players, and each half is seven minutes long. Among the many games that Craig watched yesterday afternoon, he saw Australia beat Zimbabwe 42-0 in the opening match before South Africa defeated Spain 33-5.

Look at how close Craig was to the New Zealand players!

As part of the lead-up to the Rugby Sevens, Cathay Pacific commissioned an enormous rugby ball, which earned a Guinness World Record. It measures 2.9 meters high and 4.4 meters long. About 3,300 standard rugby balls could fit inside this one super-sized ball. It's heavy but technically playable (for giants!). The ball will be auctioned online with proceeds going to earthquake victims in Japan, Yunnan and Christchurch via the Red Cross.

This is not our photo but you can get a better idea of the size of the ball with 24 team captains posing in front of it.

Keegan absolutely adores Cathay Pacific's latest commercial for the Rugby Sevens. I'm not sure if it's on Australian TV as well, so here it is for your enjoyment.

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