Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have you ever seen...? (eighteen)

...a movie vending machine?
“VBox” is the brand name for video disc rental services from fully automated and self-serve kiosks. There are 29 VBox kiosks throughout Hong Kong at convenient locations in shopping malls, residential complexes, MTR stations and convenience stores. 

VBox carries over 100 movie titles with a wide selection of latest releases. The choices range from adventures, comedy, drama, western movies, Hong Kong movies, Japanese/Korean movies, TV series, animated cartoons, action, etc. You can choose between Blu-Ray, DVD, or VCD format.

After selecting, you can pay for your movie by Visa, Mastercard, or Octopus, and out it comes.

Your movie must be returned to a VBox kiosk by the time specified.

I'm not sure who you can talk to if you have a complaint about a rental disc. Perhaps there is another vending machine for customer service.

You can read about other kinds of Hong Kong vending machines here.


  1. That's Great! I can't wait to try it out! =)

  2. would you believe we have these in the States?
    We have used them one time. I believe it required a credit card, too risky in my opinion to have a machine take your number. The octopus card makes much more practical sense.
    I still prefer popping over to my local video store and renting one from a person.

  3. yes, the US has the "Red Box" which is the same thing - dvds for $1 a day.