Monday, June 13, 2011

A play in two acts

Keegan had a big day out on Saturday.

ACT ONE: a friend's birthday party

Upon arrival at Ma Wan Island there was singing and dancing...

Then there were outdoor games...

And indoor games...

Followed by a cake decorating contest...

And after the party food, there were photos in the beautiful grounds of the estate...

Keegan and Lucas, the birthday boy

Act Two: Cricket Fun Day (now there's an oxymoron!)

Keegan does some batting practice...

And bowling practice...

As he did last year, Keegan posed with all the cricket coaches.

Keegan was tickled when some of the the other children asked him to autograph their cricket posters. They will be able to say they knew the captain of the Australian team when he was six years old!


  1. And Keegan told me after signing the poster that he used his "KH" signature (that he's been practising also). He was very chuffed to be asked to sign.
    Another great day.

  2. Very cool, Keegan! So pleased you are still getting plenty of cricket opportunities in a land not known for its cricketing prowess!!
    Craig L.

  3. It's very important to get a good, quick signature right. When you're famous, the faster you can sign your name, the better!