Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jemilla's photos from May and June

Jemilla's teacher, Ms Kitaoka

The bottom left artwork is Jemilla's.

Choir concert in May

Photos with Grade Three classmates

A readers' theatre performance on Jemilla's "graduation" day

Jemilla's teacher presented her with the Expected School-wide Learning Result award for "helpfulness".

At the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Jemilla loves to swim!


  1. I like all those paintings at the top — all together, arranged like that, they would make a beautiful canvas or quilt.
    Is Jemilla's class forming an 8C? What does that stand for?

  2. Lauren, Jemilla says it's 3C, her class. They were studying map skills and grids.

  3. Maybe I just think Jem should be in 8C! She's clever enough!

  4. I love the photo of you with your two friends on the ground Jem - just gorgeous!