Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy birthday, Sarah!

This week marks the birthday of my friend Sarah Sweeney. Despite the fact that Sarah returned to the US nine months ago, she still managed to celebrate her birthday in Hong Kong.

First Sarah took the train to Tai Po.

How does it feel to be back on Kwung Fuk Road, Sarah?

Shopping at 7-11...

Posting a letter...

Trying on clothes...

Buying Chinese medicine...

Some fruit...

And something for dinner...

It's okay, Elliot, she choose the noodles instead of chicken feet!

Posing with the locals...

Then I took Sarah out for coffee at Starbucks.

Thanks for sharing your birthday with me, Sarah! I love you!


  1. Great to see you in town again Sarah.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in July.

  2. Sweet Sweet Renee, I loved my birthday in Hong Kong it was so fun going around to all my favorite spots. Thanks for sharing my trip with pictures. I have misplaced that really cute flower coat I bought. I hope it turns up in my luggage soon.
    Elliot's response to the pictures
    That's Fake!
    Mom did you really go to Hong Kong?
    Thats not real, right?