Saturday, November 10, 2012



Attending a school fair, regardless of whether it is our school or not, makes a fun family day out. Last weekend we travelled for the first time to Hong Lok Yuen School near Tai Wo. At the school fair we enjoyed a talent show, sausage sizzle, plenty of activities, and many booths of interesting items for sale. I spent the most time naturally at the white elephant and second-hand book stalls, but I was amazingly restrained with what I purchased. With Christmas coming up, I think we will keep an eye out for other fairs and bazaars to explore.


  1. PS That second burger on the tray in my lap was Renee's.

  2. What a fun affair!Loved seeing the mountains in the background,too.

  3. I loved the bowls - wish I could have tagged along - I'm pretty sure I would not have been as restrained as you in the buying department!