Sunday, November 4, 2012

One weekend, two free concerts!

Jemilla and I had the pleasure of attending two separate concerts this weekend.

On Friday night the ICS High School Show Choir presented "Stand Up and Make a Change".Woven around the confronting theme of human trafficking, the actors and singers gave excellent performances through an eclectic selection of songs such as "Respect", "I shall wear a crown", "Man in the Mirror" and "Keep Holding on". I confess to wiping away a few tears during the beautiful "Come to Jesus", and Jemilla says her favourite song was "21 Guns".

This is a short video from "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat".

My favourite piece of the night was the highly entertaining "Coffee in a Cardboard Cup".

For the second show, Jemilla and I travelled to ICA, North Point, to hear The Gospel People. These seven artists from America presented a journey through time to demonstrate how African songs made it to the slave plantations and were influenced by Christianity with added elements over time from jazz, rhythm and blues, and hip-hop genres. The lead singer was especially enthusiastic and energetic and managed to get the mostly-Chinese-and-thus-formal audience to clap and stomp and dance and sing along with a few songs. The Gospel People promised we would "have a good time" and they were right!


  1. What great experiences - I would have loved to come along!

  2. What a great weekend!!! I appreciated Sit Down You're Rockin The Boat - was very big back in my choir days!
    Leonie. xx.