Wednesday, September 15, 2010


One of Jemilla's new ICS classmates kindly invited our family to his birthday party. It was at a bowling club, and we were instructed to come in costume which most of the other children seemed to ignore. Not ours! A great deal of time was spent choosing the perfect outfits from our dress-up box. In the end, Jemilla dressed as Snow White, Keegan as Ben10, and Tirzah as Dorothy the Dinosaur. We had a great time...our first bowling adventure in Hong Kong. As usual, we were impressed with the quantity and quality of the food provided at a party fairy bread or chocolate crackles in sight, though!

Craig shows us all the right way to do it.

Tirzah decides whether she needs a ramp or not.

Apparently not. Line up the ball...

...and give it a push.

Wait approximately seven minutes for the ball to eventually reach the pins...

...then run back excitedly to your cheering fans...


...followed by an extremely cute victory dance.

Keegan's turn

If the bowling gets boring, there are always video games to play.

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