Saturday, September 11, 2010


You may recall me blogging in November last year about a brief visit we enjoyed from  the Federwitz family passing through Hong Kong from Ghana, West Africa. Paul and Ali have two children, Hannah (age 4) and Levi (age 2) and on Friday, September 3rd, Ali gave birth to a full-term baby girl, Eden Selah.  She was 7lbs 2oz and 19in long.  The labour and delivery went the best of their three children, and Ali recovered quickly and was discharged from the hospital. 

At first Eden's oxygen levels were a bit erratic, so they took her to the neo-natal unit for observation.  Several hours after birth, they attempted to feed her and realised that she had a very serious problem.  She was found to have a diaphragmatic hernia, which meant that she had a hole in her diaphragm and her bowels had passed through into the area where her left lung and heart were supposed to be.  Because of this, her left lung was not fully developed and her heart had been pushed to the side.  Eden was transferred to the local children’s hospital to await a week or two of maturation before doctors could contemplate surgery.  Paul and Ali were told that children with this condition have a 50% chance of survival.   

Consider this email I received last week from Paul: "Pray for Eden that the Great Healer will place His hands upon her.  For the doctors that they will have the necessary wisdom and skill.  For us as we go through this emotional roller coaster and especially now for rest.We know that all things are in His hands.  Our Father caused this baby to be born [in America, not Ghana] where there was good medical treatment available.  I just finished a really tough semester of school, but the one I have just started is giving me more flexibility to deal with this. Our God is in control, and we praise Him for that."

Eden's doses of nitric oxide were gradually reduced until she reached the stage where surgery  was possible.Yesterday, September 10th, the surgeon worked to repair the hole in the diaphragm.  It was a small size, so he was able to sew it up.  He also adjusted how the intestines were ordered.  The bowels and colon had gone through the hole, but not the stomach.  The left lung was found to be about 1/3 the size that it should be. The doctor said the lung would continue to grow until Eden reached twelve years old or so. 

Please join with me in praising the Lord that this precious one-week-old baby remained stable throughout her serious surgery. 

Paul and Ali said that they "covet your prayers for Eden and especially those who are caring for her". 

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  1. Renee, Thank you very much for doing this. I am just now making my way through my favorite blogs. Eden continues to improve everyday. God is amazing!