Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mid-Autumn Carnival 2010

It's Mid-Autumn Festival again. It's the time of the year for mooncakes and lanterns and Forest Hill's annual Carnival. Do you remember me posting about the same event last year? We had just moved in to our apartment, and everything was all new and exciting.

I missed it because I was at the Deaf Film Festival, but Craig took the children and from all accounts this year's carnival was just as enjoyable. What child wouldn't like staying up late and getting free snacks! Craig gave them each glow-in-the-dark bracelets to add to the fun.

The children did a craft activity involving layering colours of sand into tiny glass bottles with cork lids.


This was a throwing game.

Jemilla and Keegan each won a prize for getting the ball in a hole. The prize was a small Bostik gluestick for their school pencil cases.

Just like last year there was a Riddle booth with most of the questions written in Chinese. The last sheet was in English.

Jemilla correctly answered the following question:

Which word is coiled inside this circle?

                                                               N      G
                                                         O                   E
                                                         R                   R
                                                                T      S       

 ...and scored some sticky tape. Woohoo!

The carnival also had a pop-corn stand.

However, this was the favourite booth of the fairy floss! The trick was to eat it quickly, as the hot and humid  weather saw it start to melt/drip away after less than one minute.

I don't know what was so fascinating about our kids eating fairy floss, but one of our neighbours was more interested in watching the white children than in watching the Chinese instrument performance.

Craig did a quick head count and panicked when he couldn't see Jemilla. Then he looked up on the stage and this is what he saw.

Jemilla was picked from the "bumper" crowd who were seated in front of the main stage to have the visiting artist tear out her profile on a small piece of paper.

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  1. What a great outing! That silhouette profile is priceless! Please frame it forever!

    And I like the prizes -- tape and glue-sticks! Very practical.

    Mmm. I like the fairy floss. It would have been worth the flight to HK just for that!