Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pool fun

With the chilly Australian winter now coming to an end, I thought I would post some photos of us enjoying our sweltering Hong Kong summer at the pool.

Keegan, Joelle, Jemilla and Tirzah

Our estate, Forest Hill had a swimming carnival one afternoon which involved lots of fun pool activities. Tirzah loved this game of filling her basket with floating plastic balls.

Keegan and Jemilla both participated in this relay race, requiring them to run across floating airbeds across the pool to pump water with a water gun into a bucket on the other side.

On another Saturday we travelled to a swimming pool in Tai Wai to meet up with two other school families for a swim.

We especially liked  this pool because it had three fun waterslides.


  1. That relay race looks like a lot of fun. It's hard to walk on inflatable pool mattresses, so I can imagine that it's very difficult to race across them!

  2. Wow! Love that swimming centre! I'm assuming you didn't take that photo, because there is only one person there! Was it busy the day you went?

  3. No, Amanda, it wasn't busy at all...the kids just kept going down the slides without having to wait in line at all.

  4. That's got to be better than Wet 'n Wild!

    Where are all the people? I thought Hong Kong was crowded!