Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating Christingle

Today our church had a family Christingle service. It was new concept for us, but I believe Christingle services are popular in Europe, especially around Christmas time. We found out that Christingle means "Christ’s Light". The sermon and most of the songs we sang centred around the light of God. The children all dressed in red and white and sang a song explaining Christingle.
The orange represents the world, and the candle reminds us of Jesus the light of the world. The red ribbon (the blood of Jesus) goes all round the "world", reminding Christians that Christ died for us all. The four sticks  usually hold lollies or dried fruit. They symbolise the four seasons or God's goodness.  
Keegan, Tirzah and Jemilla were thrilled to each receive their own Christingle after the service.


  1. Why do I have a memory of doing the orange thing as a child?? Do you remember that?

  2. I think it was a pomander, Lauren.