Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

As the children had a rest this afternoon, we decided to go out to find some New Year's Eve action tonight. We headed to Sha Tin Park, Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza and City Art Square where the Leisure and Cultural Services Department presented the New Year's Eve Countdown Carnival 2010 with free admission.

We all wore glow-in-the-dark items to add to the festive mood. Within the parks and shopping centre we found many stages featuring a variety of entertainment, including modern dance, tap dance and jazz dance performances, percussion, folk songs, a symphonic band and pipe band, as well as acrobatics and pop singing. Due to our late arrival at the event, there were already large crowds congregated around the stages, so we had trouble viewing the performers unless there was a TV screen.

We gave up on the singers and dancers after a while and moved to the area for interactive children's games.

First we tried some air hockey.

Then it was archery practice time.

We set up some block dominoes.

Then rode in a mini roller coaster.

The object of this game was to try to knock out just one block without hitting over the whole tower. None of us could do it successfully!

This was a fun game, throwing the enormous dice and moving forward on the huge game board.

We bought some fairy floss as a snack.

There was an outdoor film "Ah Ying" playing.

Craig was interested in the old movie reels.

On our way back to the MTR station we met some interesting characters.

Despite the chilly weather, we had a fun night and were glad that we didn't just stay at home.

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