Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tirzah's week

Tirzah keeps very busy while Craig and I are at work and Jemilla and Keegan are at school. Here is a typical sort of week in the life of our three-year-old daughter.

Monday: play with a friend at Snoopy's World

Tuesday: go to Playscope

Wednesday: playgroup at Granville Gardens, Tai Wai...

...then help "Aunty Celine" do the housework

Thursday: playgroup at Classical Gardens clubhouse

Friday: visit a friend in their estate clubhouse

Saturday: picnic lunch at Tai Po Waterfront Park

Sunday: Christmas barbecue with friends after church


  1. A beautiful girl (and siblings).

    Love from a proud Daddy

  2. A beautiful girl.

    Love from a proud Daddy

  3. This is a great way to show what Tirzah gets up to!