Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas meal number two

This special Christmas Eve meal was held in our apartment. There was a HUGE range of delicious food to choose from, thanks to my friend Sarah. Four different nationalities were represented; can you guess what they were? (Nathan, you're not allowed to answer!) Some of you might also recognise my friend Natalie who is once again visiting us from China.

After tea the children were treated to some genuine Christmas crackers, found by Sarah at Marks & Spencer. Jemilla demonstrated what to do, as the other children had never seen crackers before.

Then it was time for some Christmas crafts.

Tirzah made this pretty wreath.

Keegan used nativity stickers to make a Christmas card.

I put a Christmas tattoo on each child's hand while they iced and decorated gingerbread men.

This is the little known but still adorable Christmas fairy, high on sugar.

Craig read The Christmas Book by Dick Bruna to the children as a good way to postpone the highly anticipated present exchange time and remind them of the true meaning of Christmas.

Tirzah and Joanna

Joseph, Keegan and Elliot

Jemilla and Jane

Thank you to Sarah and Ping and your families for joining us tonight and for your  generous contributions. We had a fun Christmas Eve!

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