Monday, November 30, 2009

A low-fat vending machine that my father-in-law would really like

A few weeks ago Craig posted about a vending machine he spied in Hong Kong that sold umbrellas. Well, I've found one even better! We were passing through a train station and saw this vending machine stocked with USB Flash Drives, earphones, iPods, and other computer accessories. You pay with your Octopus card so there's no chance of bills getting stuck or coins getting swallowed by the machine. Just make sure you double-check that you've punched in the right code for the item you want because these selections cost much more than a bag of chips or a chocolate bar!

I don't think these vending machines would last long in Australia, but Hong Kong has a much lower rate of vandalism and petty crime.

I guess this is proof that the vending machine business has really expanded into brave new worlds. In certain countries you can purchase footballs, mobile phones, pizza, digital cameras, underwear, sneakers, beer, jeans, books, fishing bait, and even eggs from vending machines.

So what's next? Laptops? Flatpacked Ikea furniture? Pets? Religion? Hmmmmmmm.......


  1. I'd like to see ultrasound booths like the passport photo booths. You go in and can get a picture of your baby...

  2. Hi Renee, yes your f in l is impressed. I did see one of these in an overseas airport last year. We appreciate your efforts.

    B and E