Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Catch it, Ricky!" (yes, it's another cricket post)

Today was father/son time, so Craig and Keegan chose to travel in style, sitting in the first class carriage of East line train en route to Tsing Yi.

You can see how crowded the MTR platform gets on a Saturday afternoon! Thankfully the trains come every one to three minutes.

Keegan and Craig went for a walkabout looking for a particular indoor sports centre where they had been told there would be a cricket fun day. This was not the right venue.

And neither was this.

At last they found the right place!

Craig tells me that they were the first people to arrive and the last to leave from the four hour session which was put on to promote cricket interest in Hong Kong. (You need to work a bit harder to get my interest in the sport, folks!)

This coach gave Keegan a few individual sessions during the day. Craig later learned that he coached the last Hong Kong Under19s squad who toured New Zealand earlier this year.

It's interesting to see some of the budding female cricket players playing in full dress.

These boys were lining up taking turns to run out in the middle and catch high balls. Without prompting they all started yelling out to Keegan, "Catch it, Ricky, catch it!" That made Keegan smile from ear to ear.

Keegan does some batting practice.

Everyone takes a turn to bowl.

Time to get some wicket-keeping tips.

Keegan poses here with some of today's cricket coaches. One of the Pakistani coaches asked what his favourite fielding position was. Keegan responded, "second slip" which surprised Craig as up until now he has always answered "wicket keeping". The coach then asked, "Is that because Ricky Ponting fields at second slip?" to which Keegan nodded. He has even asked us to call him "Ricky", but I think that's taking hero worship a bit too far, don't you?


  1. Good job my left handed Ricky!I shall book best seats at the WACA as soon as you tell me the you to the boundary and back again,M.

  2. What a good day out, Keegan. I bet you're getting really good now! Keep improving, keep learning, and you'll be ready for Australia!