Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The big chop

For several months now Jemilla has been asking to cut her hair. As you can imagine, it takes a long time to brush every morning. We use litres and litres of conditioner to help keep it tangle-free. It makes Jemilla extra hot during the Hong Kong summers. For these and other reasons I agreed to get her hair cut but insisted that she wait until we were in Australia where hairdressers are more familiar with Caucasian hair.

Today was the big day.

I took a photo of her beautiful shining red hair, now long enough to sit on.

And this is her new length!

The hairdresser very reluctantly snipped straight across Jemilla's plait which measured 46 cm in length.

We posted Jem's hair to the Princess Charlotte Foundation where it will be made into wigs for children with alopecia, a type of medical hair loss.

It's silly but I didn't take a photo today of Jemilla from the front to show you her new hairdo! You'll have to wait for a later post. Jemilla is very happy with her new and much easier style. She has been admiring herself in the mirror and brushing her hair at frequent intervals.


  1. Yay! Some more Nesting in Skyscrapers posts!

    Jemilla, your hair looks beautiful long or short! I think your new hairstyle is gorgeous and I know you will enjoy the lightness and freedom of short hair in Hong Kong.

  2. I was waiting to see the new hair do! Beautiful cut Jemilla! I am sure your hair will be appreciated by all who receive it.