Thursday, July 28, 2011

More photos from Perth

Thank you, Lori, for taking this family photo of us at church. And thank you, Manou, for finding a replacement doll for Tirzah. She loves her "Alinta Number Three"!

No trip to Perth would be complete for us without a visit to Hillary's for fish and chips. This is the same jetty in Craig's painting here.

I was delighted to find our old cat Bronte still healthy and happy at the Adams' house. She is thirteen years old now.

Australia has so much grass! It's perfect for kicking a ball...

Having a picnic...

Playing Polly Pocket...

Having another picnic...

Or even just rolling around on!

Jemilla and Keegan attended a fun Vacation Bible School at North Beach Baptist Church for five days.

We went to the drive-in cinema and saw Cars 2.

These photos were taken at our friends the Matchetts' house.

The Matchetts organised tickets for Craig and Keegan to an AFL game. (Geoff, just because Keegan is wearing an Eagles scarf does not mean that he has switched allegiance from the Swans.)

Tirzah and her friend Suzanne wore identical dresses to church one day.

Our good friends the Luptons kindly timed our visit to Perth with the arrival of their new daughter Amali. Here I am with Leonie and her mother and Amali.

Keegan loved participating in a multi-sports holiday program at a nearby stadium.

Here is Jemilla on a visit to her old school, Kingsway Christian College.

None quite like this in Hong Kong!

This was the kids' first time driving through a car wash.

One last photo from my time with my best friend Amanda...


  1. What a beautiful collection of photos and memories!
    Jemilla's hair looks terrific, and last week I was thinking that one day I'd like to drive through a car-wash --- just for fun!

  2. Hi Renee,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. My kids were in Green team at King's Club, sitting at the left like in your photo. They had a great time, as I am sure yours did.

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