Friday, July 1, 2011

Our holiday house

This is the beautiful house we have the use of for our long five-week holiday in Perth. It belongs to the Eyres family who are at this moment in our apartment in Hong Kong.

We can't help but feel we're getting the better deal in our house swap situation, as we have a car, a yard with REAL GRASS, a trampoline, lots of videos and toys, and more space than we know what to do with. The house is close to our old church and walking distance from a shopping centre. We haven't been walking distance from anywhere for a long time!

The Eyres left a huge basket of goodies for us to enjoy during our stay.

There were also hand-made cards and presents for each of the children on their beds when we arrived. What a lovely welcome!

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  1. My extra,early trip to Dianella library has been rewarded!Good to see all your smiles and the sunny skies.Happy memories.Happy Birthday Jemilla,love,Manou.