Monday, September 5, 2011

Deaf and Youth Asian Ministry

My readers from Perth will recall my involvement in the Deaf ministry at Woodvale Baptist Church. Through a "coincidental" conversation with a colleague at ICS, I heard about a similar ministry in Hong Kong and that there would be a presentation this week at Harmony Baptist Church in Jordan. Of course I went along to hear about it.

The church was located two floors above a shoe shop and one floor above a massage parlour.

The stairs reminded me a bit of the 22 flights we climbed for the kids' carols practice in November 2009.

A woman named Hei gave a short talk about how the Deaf and Youth Asian Ministry works in Hong Kong. You can read more about it on their website here.

The presenters also showed the congregation a few simple signs in Hong Kong Sign Language, such as the following: "Thank you, Jesus".

After the presentation I spoke to Hei at length about my options for getting involved in Deaf ministry in Hong Kong. I do not know Hong Kong Sign Language, and as it is based on Cantonese it would be hard for me as an English speaker to learn. We exchanged contact details at least, so we'll see what happens down the track. I'm hopeful!


  1. Oh, that's very exciting news! I hope it leads to something — even if you're just interpreting for visitors!

  2. That's really exciting Renee!! Will be praying about this for you! Leonie. xx.

  3. Aha!I knew that sooner or later you would get involved with HK deaf,Renee.
    Can you recall how you would have signed "thank-you Jesus"when in RCI?
    Is there a word for a multi-lingual signer?
    XXXX to all.