Saturday, September 10, 2011

Girls' Day Out

One Saturday a colleague from ICS had a hankering for a cooked breakfast, so five of us took the MTR to Wan Chai to a famous restaurant called The Flying Pan that serves breakfast 24 hours.

Lauren and Rachel

Sophia and me


We finished our leisurely and delicious brunch around noon. I was asked to show them around some of the Salvation Army stores.  I said that charity shopping was not really my thing and...who am I trying to kid? Of course I jumped at the chance to go op shopping! We made it to six stores along the Island line.

Here we are waiting for the tram...

And here's Rachel with a few of her purchases.


  1. Ah Renee, you crack me up!!

    Waffles for breakfast? No surprises there!
    Taking your friends on an Op-shopping blitz? Right up your alley!

    Looks like a really fun day!!

  2. I like the look of your waffles! Yum.

  3. And just what treasures did Mrs Harvey find,eh?