Friday, September 30, 2011

You know you've been in Hong Kong a long time when... choose to venture out even though a Typhoon Signal 3 has been hoisted. Maybe umbrellas would have been good to bring, though!

Yesterday was actually a Signal 8 weather warning, so school was cancelled. You can see the debris that blew in our neighbours' patios with the strong winds.


  1. Great shot Renee! Those kids look saturated! Was it scarey? We had a big storm here the other night - the thunder shook our house repeatedly and felt like an earthquake!

    Tomorrow is our last day in Wellington - we leave on Sunday. I'm making sure I enjoy the beautiful space, horizon, and views while they last!

  2. I love the "you know you've been in Hong Kong a long time when..." series that you are doing! I might have to do that for Ghana, too. My favorite is the apricot nectar. I know exactly what you mean about being emotional over a food product.