Friday, October 21, 2011

Photos from Keegan

Here I am at my teacher's house watching one of the rugby matches.

Here I am at Bible study.

Here I am with Michael at the club.

This is my friend Jakob at his Star Wars birthday party.

Here I am with my sisters.

Here I am with my class, 2A. My teacher is named Mrs Whenuaroa, and she is from New Zealand. She doesn't shout at us. My friends are Hannah, Martin, Joseph and Matthias. Second grade is hard because we have a lot of homework. Right now we are learning about the different countries in Asia.

Here I am!


  1. And what a handsome young man you are also.

    Love Daddy

  2. Great post Keegan! I loved seeing you in all those photos.

  3. Thank you for all the interesting photos and comments.I am very proud to be your Manou!

    Do you think that Mrs Whenuaroa was shouting just a little during the Rugby World Cup match?

    I love you,Keegan. XXXXXXX