Saturday, October 1, 2011

You know you've been in Hong Kong a long time when...

...the unusual has become the ordinary and you struggle to know what to write about on your blog! I'll disguise my writer's block with a few recent but random photos.

This was a service day our school spent at Crossroads. My group was responsible to unpack pallets of donations and sort them into their correct categories for shipping to needy families in other countries.

Some friends returned briefly to Hong Kong from the Philippines en route to Africa, so we had a hello-goodbye pot luck dinner with them. Can you spot five Harveys in this crowd?

I love this photo! This is the Elementary Bridges team this year...myself, Amy Turner and Rachel Bradford.


  1. I dare you to post a request list for Christmas goodies.

  2. Or how about you write about how your lives have changed... diet, expectations, routines, etc since your arrival?

  3. Previously, you also posted the routines that the kids took to get to and from school. Now that they're in a new school year (and Tirzah too), that may be a good idea to post.

  4. Does your school have any contact with that childrens home over near the China border?I have forgotten the name.XOX

  5. Just so you know, I love EVERYTHING you write because it helps me feel at least a little bit closer in distance than we really are.

    Thanks for making the effort xxx