Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking Craig to Shenzhen

Craig's boss kindly gave Craig a day off work, so we organised for just the two of us to cross the border into Shenzhen. This was the first time Craig had been to China despite living only twenty minutes away for the last two years. We changed some Hong Kong money and bought our visas at the border.

Craig's first purchases of the day.

The taxis look very different to our Hong Kong ones, and it must be said that all the drivers in China are CRAZY!

After some shopping we stopped for lunch in this restaurant where there was no English on the menu. I'm still not sure what kind of meat it was ("cluck cluck" or "woof woof"), but it was very tasty.

Craig likes the intersections in China with traffic lights that inform you how many seconds you have left to cross the road. We parted ways here...Craig to Commercial City and me to the toy market.

Craig suffered through an hour-long massage.

We met up here around 4 pm after I purchased all the Christmas presents I could carry.

Then it was time to return home.


  1. Lovely day for the two of you!

  2. Am glad that you went off by yourself,Renee.
    What fun!Good to see a not really crowded crossing,too!