Monday, November 7, 2011

Photos from Jemilla

 My school photo

My class: 4B. We have been learning about Islam and division. My teacher's name is Mr Kadow. Every day he asks us how we want to be greeted: with a hug, with a high-five, or with a handshake. What would you choose? My best friend in the class is Ava.

Last Thursday was my class' turn to lead Chapel at school. I played an archaeologist looking for Chinese artefacts.

The archaeological team

Me talking about the Chinese characters

Chinese characters are interesting! We found connections between Chinese characters and the Bible.

Lining up for the sacrifice of the lamb at the end of Chapel

This is me at my friend Michael's birthday party.

More fun and games. I got this shirt from Joelle.

My friend Ava

We did matching pedicures on a sleepover.

Jane's birthday party (She is in the middle, next to me.) We are from lots of different countries including Finland, China, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the United States.

On the day of mid-Autumn Festival I leaned against a car's exhaust pipe and got burned. Now I have a crescent scar on my leg. (Note from Renee: Jemilla is actually quite proud of her moon scar and is hoping it won't fade too much.)

It was our helper's birthday last week. We took Aunty Celine out to tea at Triple O's because she had never eaten there before.


  1. Great photos and descriptions Jemilla.

    I'm wondering what happened when you lined up for the sacrificing of the lamb. I'm visualising a very graphic chapel service!

  2. Jemilla,

    Great post! So enjoyed reading. I will have to look for your scar. Your mum didn't share that one with me!

    Mrs. Turner

  3. Thanks for sharing all the photos, Jem! I like seeing the scars on my own body and remembering all the different places I was when I got them. It's special to have a Hong Kong scar, I think.

  4. Jemilla,I shall accept a hug from you anytime!Love from Manou XXX

  5. Jemilla, you guys have really really cute toes! Not sure whose are cuter, I love them both!