Saturday, November 5, 2011


Keegan has been waiting and waiting for today to arrive. When we heard that Stomp was coming to Hong Kong we immediately booked tickets for our wannabe drummer. Described as "musical theatre of choreographed percussion, movement and physical comedy", Stomp appeals to people of all ages. This afternoon's show is actually the fourth time that Craig and I have seen the performance. Our previous viewings were in New York, Brisbane, and Perth.

Here is Keegan on the MTR (first class!) holding Stomp drumsticks we bought in Brisbane.

We enjoyed lunch at Ebeneezers before the show.

At the Lyric Theatre, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Wan Chai

It was really special to spend this time with our middle child. Keegan loved the show, of course, sitting on the edge of his seat at times and hooting out loud with laughter at others. I confess I confiscated his drumsticks early on, as he was temped to tap along with the performers' beats. We all admired the way the performers used everyday items like broomsticks, garbage cans, newspapers, basketballs, etc to tap out an infectious beat. Perhaps Keegan will even swap his dreams of one day playing cricket for Australia to joining Stomp and touring the world. I'll ask him tomorrow as he's fast asleep now... dreaming of drumming...with cricket stumps.

Here is a Stomp video from You Yube to give you an idea of the performers' energy and enthusiasm.


  1. I LOVE Stomp! I'm so glad that you got to go and also have this special time with Keegan. Renee, you always look so great. Love the outfit.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time!!! Happy drumming. Maybe a duet with recorder and drums?

  3. We had a great time seeing Stomp in Brisbane with the your parents years and years ago! I'm glad you got to see it too, Keegan.