Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visit from Greg Wells

Last week we enjoyed a brief visit from an Australian colleague, Mr Greg Wells. Greg is the principal of Ellenbrook Christian College in Perth. He came to Hong Kong for a conference, and at Craig's invitation he made his way up to the New Territories for some different sights of Hong Kong.

After exploring some of Tai Po, we took a taxi to Tai Mei Tuk where we rented two family bikes. It was twilight, and the weather was cool and breezy.

After our joy-rides, Greg treated us all to a delicious meal at Luca's. (The grin on Craig's face is due to the genuine steak he is about to consume.) Thanks for making the extra effort to visit us, Greg!

1 comment:

  1. Craig needs a good steak now and then to keep body and soul together!Any idea of the country of origin?Was glad to see the gravy boats,also.Love to all those peddlers...XXXXX.