Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY parade 2012

So far we have been spending our Chinese New Year holiday lazing around the house in our pyjamas all day. However, we actually made the effort yesterday afternoon to get dressed and travel into Tsim Sha Tsui for the annual parade which started at 8:30 pm. 

The range of costumes and cultures on display was excellent. (You can compare the pictures to last year's parade here.)

Our youngest daughter who is normally into all things purple and "princessy" declared this group of sliders to be her favourite of the entire parade.

You can see them in action in this short video.

One surprising new participant in the parade was labelled as the "501st Legion/Rebel Legion Hong Kong Outpost". (I'm sorry Elliot missed them!)

As it is now officially The Year of the Dragon, there were numerous dragons represented in the parade; on floats, costumes, and actual Chinese dragons themselves which were surprisingly long as you can see in the next video.

We all enjoyed the parade thoroughly and sleepily made the long trek back home to Tai Po.

Keegan was thrilled to be going to bed so late. I just wish it meant that he and his sisters would sleep in late too!


  1. Seems like there were a fair amount of foreigners in the parade. Do people come especially for this event? Or are there really that many foreigners there?

  2. I can't believe how many different groups were represented! Can you imagine making all those costumes?

  3. Laura, there ARE lots of Anglos living on Hong Kong Island, but I suspect that many of these groups flew in to Hong Kong especially for the parade.

  4. AHhhhhhh,yawn,yawn.I think that I'll stick with the Perth pre-Christmas parade!

  5. Hey! Amazing! we spent Chinese New Year in Bali and had dinner at a Japanese restaurant!! Was great fun! Heaps of people from Java come to Bali for CNY - was chockers!!!
    Hope you are all going well - we do come on here every now and then - my kids love looking at your pics!
    Take care,
    Deb & Crossley's xx