Monday, January 16, 2012

Visit from a Wise man

You might be fooled into thinking that the children were celebrating Australia Day a bit early here, but they were actually at the airport to welcome a visiting principal from Tasmania.

This was Aaron Wise's first trip to Hong Kong.

Although Tirzah was under the impression that "Mr Wise" came to Hong Kong solely to entertain her, he spent most of his time in interviews for a position in Tai Po.

Aaron is a keen jogger and cyclist, but I don't think he was tempted to try out this bike.

However, this one was more his style!

Somehow Aaron convinced Craig to rent bicycles with him, and they rode around Tai Po one day.

Aaron was brave about trying different foods in Hong Kong.

But we do have proof that he resorted to eating from a fast food restaurant at least once!

We are really excited that Aaron has accepted the position offered to him and will be moving to Hong Kong with his family around Easter. (If June is reading this, please don't hesitate to ask me all your questions; I know how you're feeling!)

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