Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spencers, the sequel

In January 2010 Glen Spencer and his son Benjamin stayed with us in Hong Kong for a few days. This month it was Glen's wife Jenny and their daughter Mady turn to visit on their way back from America, England and Paris. I guess they were used to large crowds after being in Times Square, New York, because our squishy MTR trains barely raised their eyebrows.

The children were delighted to have more visitors after the entertaining Mr Wise left us. Mady won Tirzah over by playing countless games of "I Spy" and anything else Tirzah's imagination came up with. Tirzah called her "the big sister" and told us repeatedly that Mady's favourite colour was purple, "just like me!"

The female Spencers' time in Hong Kong was mostly spent shopping.

At Mong Kok...

Causeway Bay...


and the Tai Po wet market. (Although I seriously doubt they bought anything here!)

More photos of Jen and Mady in Hong Kong...

Jenny is a dear friend whom I have known since my university days. I am so glad that she could see where we are living in Hong Kong. Her visit was a real pleasure because of the lovely lady that she is. Thanks for sparing her, Glen!


  1. What a lovely time you had :)
    I can't wait till it is our turn to visit!!!

  2. Liked seeing all those tongues PLUS the Forest Hill New Year decorations!Even here in Perth we are hearing all about The Water Dragon.......lots on in Northbridge.Surely there are a few public holidays?