Friday, January 27, 2012

Op shop haul

Today I escaped the endless tennis and cricket marathon on television in our household by going op shopping on Hong Kong Island. Certain friends complain that I rarely disclose what I buy from the charity shops here, so I've taken a photo of each item so you can celebrate with me in my victory spoils.

First of all, I did not buy these shoes. I wasn't even tempted.

Nor did I buy this tree trimmer. Anyone interested in decorating a tree with facial features?

And perhaps only the Bissetts can appreciate the chain of events that brought this tee shirt to my store in Hong Kong.

Here are the items that I did purchase in the six Salavation Army stores from Wan Chai to Chai Wan.

Mosaic kit

Felt board pictures to add to our collection

One book (I just couldn't leave it on the shelf after seeing the gorgeous illustrations)

A sensory toy for work

A set of BibleMan toys

Educational resource

A beanie for Jemilla

Huge bag of Lego, regular blocks, no minifigs (for Sweeneys or Kochs if they are interested)

Lots of paint-with-water activity books for the present cupboard

A BibleMan costume

A summer blouse for work

A jumper for me

And two brand new winter jumpers for Craig

I also wanted to show off my new handbag which I bought at the Ladies Market while the Spencers were here.

There you go, you feel like you've just been out shopping with me? Minus the sore feet and lighter wallet, of course!


  1. You find some AMAZING items on your shopping trips. I wonder what you would find at our town market? :)

  2. Yay! It is of course vastly better op-shopping with you, but I love seeing what you bought on your day out! As usual, you have managed to find some excellent buys, and I LOVE your new handbag too!

  3. I'm trying to remember my favourite Op shop on HK island....maybe at Stanley?
    Sounded like a MOST theraputic way to pass a day,Renee, and probably you didn't spend all that much...(hopefully)!XXXX to all.
    PS Did Craig watch tennis 'til the very end last night? It was 1am (I am told)here!

  4. So, I realize that this was posted over a year ago, but I have 2 little boys who have just discovered Bibleman, and he is their FAVORITE superhero!!! None of the Bibleman toys are available in the U.S. right now - do you have any suggestions for how I could get Bibleman Action Figures and Swords anywhere to be shipped to the US, and is there any chance you'd post more pictures of your Bibleman costume? I'd like to try to make a couple for my boys. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!!

  5. Hi, I have 2 little boys who recently discovered Bibleman and he is their FAVORITE Superhero (it was a close race between him and VeggieTales LarryBoy)! None of the Bibleman Toys are available in the U.S. right now. Do you have ANY suggestions as to how I might find Bibleman Action Figures (and swords, too) anywhere that could be shipped to the U.S.??? Also, is there any chance that you might post more photos of your Bibleman costume? I'd like to try to make a couple for my boys! TAHNK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!!

    1. Hi Cheri! I'll see if I can dig out the stuff we have to send you some pictures. Please can you send your email address to

      Thank you!