Monday, May 28, 2012

Jumpin' Gym

Today one of Tirzah's classmates celebrated her fourth birthday at Jumpin Gym, a venue that is a cross (in my opinion) between a flashy casino and an indoor play centre. ICS had a day off school, so the children and I all headed to Hung Hom for the party.

Once the children had their arm stamped, they were free to go on any of the rides as often as they liked.

The children were also each given a bag of ten tokens to use on the pinball machines. I did my best to dissuade Jemilla from the addictive coin drop.

At one point, the party-goers were all rounded up for the birthday cake and snacks. 

Birthday girl Marie with Tirzah

Then the children entered the giant padded maze for more playing.

Carla, you'll appreciate this: Keegan spent at least half an hour foraging around the edges of the ball pit for "treasures", as he called them. His finds for the afternoon included the following:
  • one drink bottle
  • one marshmallow
  • four hair clips
  • five dollars and fifty cents in change
  • one watch
He was pretty pleased with himself!

Craig met us at Jumpin' Gym after he finished work, so we stayed a bit longer so the children could show him some of their favourite rides and games.

"Look at all the tickets we won!"

I had to laugh at the fact that after playing hard for over three hours and winning lots of tickets, the only prize the children could redeem their tickets for was a single pen.

Thank you, Jumpin' Gym, for entertaining my children so well for the afternoon; I'm glad that they could have the experience. And I'm thankful that now they've tried it once, I don't ever have to take them back again!

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  1. Hahaha! I guess Jumpin' Gym is not on our 'to do' list then?!